ITALY 18 CEU Clinical Skills Holiday Training Summit 2023!

Annual Three Day In Person Holiday Training Course

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The annual, family friendly holiday training trip in Italy!

July 24-26, Finale Ligure, Italy (Teacher Training July 22-23)

Whether you have been with us for years and are looking to get corrections and feedback; have taken training courses with us and want to solidify the skills you have already learned; or have been learning online and now ready to begin training in person, summits are the place to be. Morning sessions focus on acupuncture training to safely yet effectively needle challenging parts of the body; afternoon sessions involve a deep dive into treating specific conditions, covering theory, strategy, acupuncture and herbal protocols, and, of course, partnered practice.

Why are Summits the most important course to take? At Summits, you will meet senior practitioners who have successfully integrated Tangible Acupuncture into their practices and network with colleagues as eager as you to return this medicine to a clinically focused, results based practice like it used to be.

Why are holiday summits the most fun? It is family friendly for those of us who have children. The resort has children's activities during teaching hours, Au Pairs can be easily hired. After the teaching day ends in the afternoon, we gather as a group with our families, all swim in the sea, share dinners together en famille, and we eat ridiculous amounts of gelati!

Come train, practice, learn and spend time with the growing community of practitioners seeking a more tangible level of practice for their patients. Come have a holiday. Come build a personal relationship with the teachers.

To learn more about location, lodging suggestions, and the course itself, see the curriculum information!

Your Instructor

JulieAnn & Andrew Nugent-Head
JulieAnn & Andrew Nugent-Head

Andrew and JulieAnn Nugent-Head are vocal advocates of classically based, clinically relevant, tangible and effective Chinese medicine. With more than 30 years experience living in China and working with the old doctors born and educated before 1949, JulieAnn and Andrew have both experience and practicality that shines through in their approachable and entertaining teaching style.

The Nugent-Heads teach internationally, manage this online educational site, run a not for profit teaching clinic in Asheville, North Carolina, and have begun to develop their property into a medicinal herb farm. Completely immersed in Chinese medicine in each facet of their life, they are a dynamic duo with a mission to demystify and raise the bar of Chinese medicine.

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