Qinna Attack Methods

64 Qinna throwing techniques demonstrated by Dr. Xie Peiqi Himself

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Showing the versatility and individuality of each animal and their attacking methods, Dr. Xie goes through each animal system and demonstrates one move sequence per attacking method. Thus, there are 8 techniques for Lion, 8 techniques for Dragon, etc, for all eight animals, including Unicorn, Rooster, Snake and Monkey. Filmed with two camera angles, slow motion and freeze frame with narration, this presentation offers an incredible view into the power of Dr. Xie who was 76 years old at the time of filming. Whether you use it to learn the techniques or just appreciate Dr. Xie’s strength and agility, this is a must for any serious Bagua practitioner.

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Xie Pieqi
Xie Pieqi

Chosen at age 13 to be the final student of Men Baozhen, the direct student of Yin Fu, for whom the Chinese art of Yin Style Bagua was named after. Dr. Xie became like a son to Men Baozhen and was the only person who learned the complete system of Yin Style Bagua, which is composed of Chinese medicine, martial arts and internal cultivation.

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