Chen Xiuyuan 01: The Source and Flow of Medical History

The opening chapter of Chen Xiu Yuan's incredibly famous Three Character Classic Poems for the Study of Medicine

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In this lecture series, Andrew Nugent-Head discusses line by line the Source and Flow of Medical History Poem from Chen Xiuyuan’s incredibly famous Three Character Classic Poems for the Study of Medicine. In addition to translating each character & line, this lecture elucidates Chen Xiuyuan’s own commentary on the meaning of each three character stanza. This course gives non Chinese speakers direct access to a critical book on the study of Chinese medicine without having to learn the language.

This course haas been approved by the NCCAOM for 7 continuing education credit hours. Completion of all videos and passing the end of course test with an 80% or greater score will automatically generate a certificate of completion to be used toward licensure requirements.

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Chen, Xiuyuan
Chen, Xiuyuan

Qing Dynasty medical practitioner Chen Xiuyuan was arguably the most important educator of Chinese medicine until the arrival of Communism in 1949. Even until the 1970’s, his works were used by students and teachers alike in the study of Chinese medicine.

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