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Focused on regulating the Qi flow in the organs of the body cavity, Daoist Zangfu Acupressure is a powerful bodywork treatment method to return fundamental health to very sick patients. Originally passed on by a wandering Daoist, it was nearly lost in the Cultural Revolution. Today, there are only a handful of people focused on using this incredible bodywork system in the clinic. It was the first clinical treatment method learned by Andrew Nugent-Head, taught to him by the late Professor Wang Jin-Huai.

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Wang Jinhuai
Wang Jinhuai

A true Daoist at heart, the late Professor Wang Jin-Huai (1935-2002) was a calligrapher, classics scholar, and practitioner of Chinese medicine in the Confucian style. Researching traditional medical texts was one of his great loves, particularly The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine. The excerpt translated above is taken from a textbook he authored for use by westerners learning the language and concepts of Chinese medicine before beginning medical studies. It was translated by Roger W. Jacques and edited by Andrew Nugent-Head, MSOM. We greatly miss his presence as a resource, teacher, and friend.

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