Daoyin for Physical Development

Strengthening the Body, Forging the Mind

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A hallmark of the traditional Chinese arts is the depth of development a practitioner commits to. The expression is 苦中樂, meaning that there is a discovery of joy that can only come from the bitter, hard work others shy away from. There is a recognition that beyond the skills we learn are more skills, if we can sweep away our weaknesses and focus on reaching our full Post Heaven potential.

Filmed over four classes in Zurich, Switzerland, Andrew begins with practices to free the joints and enliven the tendons before moving into muscle strengthening and coordination building exercises. The demand on the body will challenge the mind, helping participants forge an iron will and clarity of purpose. Can we discover how much fun painfully hard work is? Can we face our desire to quit and keep going? Can we build the strength of character to embody 活著練死了算—practicing as long as we live, only quitting when we die? Come find out in this online training course!

This is a video seminar for the healthy, not a set of practices for the sick. Participants should be in an acceptable enough level of health at the start of the course that they will be able to learn the exercises to the best of their abilities, and be able to commit to practicing on their own as well as with the videos to maximize development. Practices vary from static to slow moving to fast moving, and involves moving, standing, sitting and floor work.

Your Instructor

Andrew Nugent-Head
Andrew Nugent-Head

Andrew Nugent-Head is the founder of the Association for Traditional Studies (ATS), a 501c3 organization dedicated to the preservation, documentation and dissemination of China's traditional knowledge. Andrew moved to China in 1986 at the age of 18 to study Chinese medicine, martial arts, and internal cultivation. He spent 28 years in China dedicated to learning these arts and obtained the highest quality education possible in traditional, mentor-disciple relationships.

Andrew's studies and work have been featured on French and German television, the NBC Sunday Today Show, and on ABC News Special. He also worked on and appeared in the Mystery of Qi episode of the Bill Moyers PBS documentary series, Healing and the Mind. He has been featured in newspapers across the United States and written prolifically on Chinese Medicine, culture and the importance of preserving traditional knowledge worldwide.

Through his not for profit, Andrew has translated six books, produced over 400 educational videos and translated for and assisted practitioners of Chinese Medicine, Yin Style Bagua martial arts, Daoyin practices, and Calligraphy during more than 140 seminars between 1993 and 2003.

With the passing of his teachers, Andrew now dedicates himself to teaching the practice of Chinese medicine as he learned it to fellow practitioners through seminars around the world. He also runs a teaching clinic in Asheville, North Carolina where practitioners can observe him treating patients with herbs, acupuncture, bodywork, exercises and lifestyle advice.

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