Yin Style Bagua Dragon

Lion postures demonstrated and explained by Dr. Xie Peiqi & He Jinbao

The Dragon system belongs to the Zhen trigram, which is known as the oldest brother in the trigram family. It is considered a mature adult at the peak of his development. As such, the Dragon has a strong back, dominant hands, and excellent roots. Taking advantage of this, the Dragon likes to defeat opponents by continually moving them off their feet and controlling their arms/hands. This accomplished, the Dragon then uses direct attacks to finish the opponent. It is ideal for strong, athletic, mature individuals who are confident in close quarter combat.

This intensive training series features Foundation Practices as well as the Pushing, Lifting, Carrying, Leading, Moving, Capturing, Chopping, and Entering Strike Attack Methods.

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He Jinbao
He Jinbao

Born in 1955, He Jinbao began studying martial arts in his early teens in Beijing. Showing great aptitude, his teacher felt Jinbao needed train with Beijing’s best and introduced him to Xie Peiqi. Along with several other young students, He Jinbao trained hard and continued to distinguish himself as a talented practitioner. One day training in the park, Jinbao met Dr. Xie’s most famous student, the late Liu Fang. Dr. Xie encouraged He Jinbao to train with Liu Fang full time, and the two became very close until his passing in 1984. With Liu’s passing, He Jinbao returned to training with Dr. Xie before spending several years outside of Beijing for work. Upon his return, Dr. Xie asked him to help train Andrew Nugent-Head and work with the Association for Traditional Studies to systematically document Yin Style Bagua’s martial arts. Between 1996 and 2003, He Jinbao was the principal teacher and documenter for the martial side of ATS’ efforts to record the full art of Yin Style Bagua—medicine, internal cultivation and martial arts. With Dr. Xie’s passing in 2003, He Jinbao went on his own to continue documenting Yin Style Bagua as he feels it should be practiced and has created an incredible legacy. He is truly one of China’s greatest practitioners in modern times. His early material is featured here by ATS, later material can be found on his personal website: www.yinstylebaguazhang.com

Course Curriculum

  Dragon 01: Foundations I
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